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Solid Real Life Proof That...
Increasing Your Client Engagement Will Boost Client Results And Skyrocket Your Profits.
Here’s A Way To Ensure Your Customers Finish Your Courses And Provide Them With A Recognized Qualification For Their Achievement!
Dear Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach,

If you’re in the field of creating breakthroughs for your clients, you know how hard it can be to get your customers to complete your courses. 

Your customers start with gusto and within days their engagement drops off.

And, today as competition increases people have to spend more money to get more clients...

Buying Facebook ads for more traffic
Giving affiliates as much as 50% of the sale
Offering valuable discounts or bundling products that are already inexpensive
All while they give up on the biggest asset they have – their existing clients! 
The new client is often forgotten about because they know that as many as 88% of the clients who start their courses don’t finish and don’t get the benefits of the program they’ve purchased.

So they assume they’ve lost them.


The dropout rate of Online University students is nowhere near 88%.

Want to know why?
 Universities Understand Engagement AND They Give Their Students A Magical Piece Of Paper
Universities are proven learning institutions that people do whatever it takes to get into...even taking out loans and spending huge amounts of money... just to get that piece of paper!

And there’s a reason for that.

The process of graduating, the achievement and competence that diploma represents can never be taken away from someone. 

It drives them to keep coming to lectures, attending online classes and passing the finals.  

The piece of paper gets them in the door AND it makes them feel proud, successful and important for the rest of their careers. 

An academic qualification is a golden ticket that empowers the student for life!
And this power brings up some questions that I’d like you to take a moment to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER…
1. How many more clients would complete your courses if YOU took responsibility for keeping them engaged and inspired them to graduate?

2. How many more clients do you think you’d have if your course offered a recognized academic certificate?

3. How much more do you think your students might pay for your course if you offered them a way to proudly display and leverage their achievement?

4. How many students would finish your course AND then purchase your advanced course if they knew it would further their success?

5. How many students would tell other people about your course if it provided them bragging rights about their success and accomplishments?
The answer to all five of these questions is… LOTS!
You’d receive an influx of new students purchasing, completing, upgrading and talking about your program - The Viral Social Loop™. 

Your graduating clients would be automatically purchasing your next product.

Creating a huge jump in your profits…

But it’ll never happen right?

Don’t be so sure, simply read on to find out about the changes that are happening in the world of online education, engagement and technology.
Online Universities Have Demolished The Old School Hierarchy Of Education.
From your point of view, this is both good and bad.

Good because

>>> It means that it’s no longer necessary to go to a physical school to advance your education. 

>>> Adult learners – like the ones you teach – are simply logging in, paying their fees and completing online University courses in their own time.

>>> This easy way to get qualifications has fed an insatiable appetite for adult learning…the E-learning industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Bad because if your business isn’t taking advantage of this wave then you’re missing out in one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime!

And in the meantime….

Online Universities are setting new standards of education with systems that are 100% designed for easy adult learning.
You can say what you like about Universities, but the one thing they know how to do very well is teach.

They know how to give adult learners information in exactly the right way… the way that suits their style of learning.

They don’t just offer videos and PDF’s – they offer audio-visual learning, writing tasks, kinesthetic learning, transcripts, audio and a whole lot more… 

Then, as their students are going through this process of specialized learning - they offer accountability, support and feedback. They grade their students AND they encourage them when they fall behind.

The result???
  • Learners stay engaged and the majority of them complete the courses. 
  • Learners display their accomplishments and qualifications to the world.
  • AND learners spend more money enrolling in additional courses.
Does NOT Being A University Mean You’ll Be Destined To Burn Through Clients Instead Of Building The Kind Of Loyalty That Other Institutions Of Higher Learning Enjoy?
Not necessarily, but you’ll need to make some serious changes in order to connect your product and services to the lucrative adult learner market AND retain them.
  • You need to create a clear student outcome for your course and measure their results.
  • You need to stop pushing your product at customers and begin engaging them to participate from the moment they submit their credit card. 
  • You need to stop dumping a load of content on them and instead start following the natural process of human communication: deliver information and ask how it landed, deliver some more and measure comprehension. 
  • You need to adopt time-based and consumption-based delivery of your lessons. Adults don’t like being told that a 4-week course has to take four weeks if they want to consume the training in half the time. 
  • You need to update your technology – people like to learn on a variety of devices these days on wireless and mobile internet connections. 
  • Your information has to play on any device, anytime, anywhere and no matter which way they turn their tablet or phone. 
  • You also need to update the ways you are teaching – make it possible for different types of learners to consume your course in a way that suits them.
  • You need to take responsibility for recognizing when a student falls behind and automatically take immediate action to help them to graduate. 
  • You need to make sure that people can easily navigate your website! 
  • When they login they must instantly know, where they were, where they are and where they need to go. A confused or frustrated learner quits. 
  • You need to make the learning process fun so that they look forward to coming back and sharing their experience.
  • You need to provide challenges and quizzes so that they can measure their results and acknowledge their progress.
  • You need to provide them with a competitive outlet so they can see how they stand against their peers. 
  • You need to add automatic accountability communication to assure they stay on track.  
  • You need to add gamification and prizification™ to help motivate them.
  • You need to recognize them, love them and appreciate them!
  • Most importantly you need to provide them with a graduation badge that they can proudly show off. In the world of online learning this is becoming a must.
So now you’ve been told, and there are no more excuses to be made.

These are the things you need to start doing to increase your student’s engagement, comprehension, completion rate, and confidence. It’s a true win-win that increases your brand value, repeat business, referrals and profits. 

These are the things you must be doing if you want to survive against competition that grows smarter and more savvy by the day.

The problem now becomes - how will you do it?

Before I tell you how, I want you to dedicate a few moments and imagine yourself being very successful…
Picture What Life Would Be Like If The Majority Of Your Customers Completed Your Courses, Became Raving Fans AND Spent More Money with You…
I’m talking about the type of business where the customer satisfaction rating is through the roof and lifetime value of your customer skyrockets… 

You would:
  • Reduce refunds and customer service hassles!
  • Be able to raise your course prices
  • Decrease your cost to acquire new clients
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Have more free time and fun…
It would be epic, and beyond your wildest dreams. 

This is the sort of finely tuned company that would change your life completely. 

Picture eliminating the stress of each continually having to replace non-engaged customers with new ones!

Imagine building a business with real long-term resale value…

This is the stuff that total freedom is made from and it’s completely possible, without doing anything more than utilizing the same training programs you teach now in a way that is customized and designed for today’s adult learners. 
Here’s A Simple Way To Discover How to: Quadruple Engagement & 
Double Your Profits.
(Hint: it’s the same system used by industry leader,
 Digital Marketer and other high profile businesses and experts!)
Introducing the E-Learning Engagement and Profit Mastery Course
  • This is the world’s most formidable E-learning course.
  • It’s a step-by-step course based on proven real world results.  
  • After you earn your certificate, you’ll be delivering a world-class learning experience that is beyond your clients’ wildest dreams.
  • Because many more of your clients are graduating, they’ll start buying more and more of your products increasing your profits. 
  • Your clients success will assure your ranking as an authority in your field. 
  • Your students will share their success on social media, branding your company as an industry innovator while creating a massive amount of new leads for free. 
This is the best thing that’s ever happened to the E-learning industry for customers and educators. 

But first, let’s focus on exactly what solutions this mastery course will provide for your business problems…
Here’s Twenty Problems We Discovered While Talking To People Like YOU!!! 
1. “My clients constantly complain how hard it is to navigate my membership website.” 

2. “When people try to log in it takes a long time and after they are in, the site is slow which is a bad experience for my clients.” 

3. "Adding more tabs with each course I make is not a long-term solution and it makes the branding for each of the courses I sell hard to differentiate.”

4. “The site is really hard to figure out, customers get frustrated and I’m always getting complaints from customers.”

5. “The number of clients completing my course is dismal with only a tiny 3%-12% graduating.”

6. “I’ve tried everything I can to get more people through the course with no luck.”

7. “I feel like my course content is great, and I could be impacting a lot more people in the world if only more people would consume it.” 

8. “When people don’t complete my course I feel like I’m taking their hard earned money for nothing. It doesn’t sit well with me.”   

9. “Most of my customers only buy one of my products. I work really hard to acquire that client and it's really expensive.” 

10. “It takes a lot of energy to train every new client how to use the membership website. I need to automate the process and be able to provide amazing service and then sell them the next logical product offering based on what they bought.” 

11. “I have a number of courses that should be taken in progression. I want to be able to promote the next logical course without having to do this manually. I know what they need, but have no way to automate that.”            

12. “I feel like my brand and the transformation I am creating is first class, but my website and user experience is second-class. “

13. “I see so many modern websites that reflect great brands and my stuff is stuck in web 1.0, if I delivered a world class experience I’d be able to raise my prices.” 

14. “Refunds are a part of every business but when they refund because my membership site stinks…that kills me and is killing my business. Not only is it a lost client but a person that won’t get the opportunity to learn which upsets me because that person wants improvement and I couldn’t give it to them.”

15. “Every refunded client is a liability. They are a potential charge back, which kills my relationship with the vendor and creates an extra customer service load! On top of that they are also a potential negative social media event waiting to happen!”

16. “If they ask for a refund after I have paid out a commission - they actually cost me money.”

17. “Things that make people get buyers’ remorse in my industry are a crappy experience, mismatched expectations and not using the product properly! I know there is a way to automate all of those circumstances but I have not found anyone who knows how to do it.”              

18. “Internet reports state that almost 50% of video is consumed on mobile devices! My clients are on the move and have continually requested that my content and website should work easily on their phone and IPad, but it doesn’t.” 

19. “Once my course is live, I don’t have a way to measure its success. I want to be able to measure and monitor which lesson each client is on to see where they are getting stuck and also see stats on my videos to know which ones need to be improved.” 

20. “I know that more and more people are using mobile devices to consume training and my site and training videos don’t play well and cause my clients to get frustrated. 
A Long List Of Problems Needs An Even Longer List Of Proven Solutions:

Read On To Find Out How The E-Learning Engagement & Profit Mastery Course Provides Solutions To Those Problems And Much More …
This program gives you the exact steps we use to generate a 200%-400% increase in results for our custom-build clients. The course provides simple secret recipes for the best E-learning results in the world...the same ones my $25,000 clients get...
One that:
  • Is scalable from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.
  • Plays on any device, any time, any where in the world no matter which way you turn the device.
  • Gives your customers points and badges for their accomplishments so they can see where they stand on the leaderboard, which increases engagement. 
  • Provides you with the ability to give your students quizzes and final exams AND receive and post their grades for your courses.
  • Raises your brand reputation and awareness so that dominate your industry.
  • A simple, fun and easy interface for your customers. 
  • Makes your course design not only intuitive to use– one adult learners will love - but also a perfect match for every learning style.
  • Demonstrates how to create an experience that shows learners exactly what to do and when, so there’s no confusion and they feel supported throughout the entire process.
  • Increases engagement and motivation along the way, you organically increase the lifetime value of your customers because they will stick around longer and buy more from you.
  • Offers intelligent upsells and cross-sells that are based on what the customer owns and the next ideal product you want them to purchase. 
  • Provides flawless technology and a world-class experience that will give you the right to raise your prices. 
  • Reduces refunds because customers, from day one, understand how to use your interface and are so much happier with every part of the process. 
  • Know all the software and plugins you will need are clearly spelled out so you won’t have to research anything else when you get this course.
  • Stop guessing about what works and start building what has been proven to work. 
  • Set up the right reporting on customer consumption so you can make your courses better as you learn about what your customers like and don’t like.
The E-learning Engagement & Profit Mastery Course will give you everything above and so much more, I’m not talking Ginsu Knives here – I’m talking real proven strategies that are working today. Once you adopt the strategies, you’ll consistently create great student outcomes, which will drive up the life time value of your customer and provide a real change of life.

This course is a culmination of my life’s work and dedication to providing world-class customer experiences so that everyone wins. 

If you were to have me and my team build this platform for you, it would cost $12,000 - $15,000 to start. In fact, we do it all the time - but the mastery course allows you direct access to me so that you can “pick my brain” and do it yourself!

After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars and years in development, we’ve refined our process for our high end clients and we’ve witnessed 200% - 400% increases in their results. Yet, I decided to make this step-by-step so it’s it more accessible. I wanted every business owner, entrepreneur and educator to have access to this process… even if they were just starting out.

So for a limited time, this program is being offered for an absolute song – I should not be selling it for so little but for a limited time it’s all yours for only $1397.00.

Just $797
You’ll receive everything I talked about above including step-by-step instructions so you can build your own, world-class E-learning and Profit Mastery customer experience and platform! 

This could be the most valuable investment you ever make so don’t hesitate to click the link below and book yourself into this course.
If you’re still not sure about whether this is for you then I want you to read on. 

I’ll tell you more about me, my history and how I’ve come to know so much about your industry and more importantly your struggles!

You’ll also get to read some testimonials from people who have seen what I can do and are willing to speak up.

Let me warn you now that any doubts you have are about to be eased. I am so proud to be telling you about this course, and I really believe it has the ability to change the world of online education… and your profits... forever!
So Who Am I And What Gives Me The Right To Challenge You About Online Education?
Hi, I’m Mike Weiss,

That’s a photo of me when I was a finalist for the 2012 Infusionsoft Internet Marketer of the year. Chosen from more than 400 global companies that applied. 

Can you believe the suit and red tie...Wahoo! What was I thinking?

For years I was known as a master architect and builder of sales funnels. I’ve designed, architected, and built complete done-for-you solutions that have produced many millions of dollars in sales for my customers and I’m lucky enough to deeply love my job.

My 29-year business background has always focused on client engagement and sales, and I have personally raised over $100,000,000 in assets from my clients. 

My former partner and I also built the world’s first consolidated financial reporting company that tracked over $26 billion dollars before it was sold to a public company.
Also, I have my own book and videos on how to make money online which is one of the ways I got to know the business of online education.

But the real learning came when, six years ago, I partnered with John Assaraf to grow the startup PraxisNow (now called NeuroGym) from $100,000 to over $2,000,000 in gross sales. 
We did it in 16 months by generating over 7,000 customers in 80 countries
This is going to sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet but I was the chief architect for the PraxisNow website, sales funnels, E-learning membership site and community portal. 

The birth of my company, Client Engagement Academy, began during the early years of 
PraxisNow (name has changed to Neurogym.)

At PraxisNow we had a real challenge keeping those 7,000 customers engaged. We struggled just like you. Our course graduation rates fell right in line with the industry average of a dismal 12%. That meant that 88% of our clients weren’t engaged and finishing our courses. 

An 88% failure rate did not sit well with both of us and along with our CTO we took on the E-learning industry. We tried almost everything for a year. Unfortunately, we lost the battle because most of the technology, facts about how to engage adult learners, software and digital badges did not exist. We eventually moved the graduation rates up to 20% by hiring human’s and optimizing the onboarding experience. 
The End Of That Era Was The Beginning Of Client Engagement Academy

In 2013, John bought me and I went back to consulting some of the industry’s most successful educators. It was in 2014, when one of my guru clients asked me to examine his membership website. 

This Time Everything Changed

After a few months of research, I was blown away by the new advancements in technology, software, the leadership positions of the online universities, the studies on engaging adults and the new game changer created my Mozilla (the creators of the Firefox Browser.)

Everything had changed and now I had a chance to make a big difference and lean on my 29 years of business experience to create something that could affect millions of lives around the world. 

Crazy hey? During the last two years, over $200,000 invested and much trial and error, I can say that this stuff has become second nature to me. This is why I’ve expanded our offering from consulting, designing, building and hosting customized E-Learning Platforms to offering the E-learning and Profit Mastery Course. It’s my way to expand my universe and make a bigger impact in the world with all of the learners that are desperate for personal growth, education, and new possibilities. 
Enough About Me - What About Your Customers?
It’s rare that a program has so many benefits for BOTH the business owner AND the customer. 

This is what I get truly excited about…increasing engagement, improving the customer experience and their outcomes. 

So I saved the good part until last!

Read on to find out what the E-learning Engagement and Profit Mastery Course can do for you and your student customers…
This is how you will eliminate your competition and get your courses on a value-par with Universities.
For hundreds of years, learning institutions have used a solid hierarchy to dominate many of the professional industries…Sure, there were ways around it for the wily and the brave, but generally, if you wanted a good job – you did the following things:
  • You went through college, you got a diploma, you hung it on the wall and then you paid off the debt.
  • Then, your resume told the world that you have a diploma majoring in economics or law - or whatever it was you chose to do at the time.
  • If you didn’t have a diploma or degree you were effectively shut out from many roles and opportunities that you would of been more than capable of doing.
  • But then something awesome happened! The Internet started to change the way we consume information.
  • Experts in all areas began to create courses of real value and people of all sorts began using Google or YouTube to get ahold of them.
  • Now adults all over the world are finding and consuming courses online – it has become a gigantic industry and the prime source of adult education.
  • There’s only two problems with all this learning – the majority of the people never finish the course and those that do realize the the course they invested in isn’t recognized. 
  • There’s no diploma or degree so people can’t prove they’ve done it.
  • Which means it still has less social capital than the courses the Universities offer - and the hierarchy in all its dominance is maintained.
  • Until now that is…
When You Have the Knowledge that the 
E-learning Engagement and Profit Mastery Course Provides, You Have the Power to Give Clients A Learning And Service Experience That The Most Advanced University Courses Will Struggle To Match!
You will discover how to: 
  • Create recognition for your clients – a course digital badge that your students can add to their CV, Facebook, LinkedIn or Website. 
  • Keep students engaged along the way and provide them a way to measure their progress before, during, and after the learning process.
  • Surprise your students with exciting rewards and achievements so they are recognized for their small wins.
  • Utilize gamification and prizification™ to assure that your students accelerate through your lessons and complete your courses.
  • Create viral sharing that your students feel compelled to share and talk about their experience to gain social capital in their chosen industries.
  • Develop the right tests and challenges with quizzes and exams; adding value to the course and increasing client comprehension and confidence so that they complete your course.
  • Ensure the money they spend on courses like yours no longer goes to waste or gets forgotten. It becomes a proper investment in their career.
  • Help your students learn faster because they find the process easier and they have more fun along the way, which makes them consume more of your course – faster.
  • Finally, eliminate technology frustration, so you have an adult friendly platform. It’s easy to use so it’s easy to finish your course on any device.
  • Track every client so that you can provide direction and support through every stage of the course from when your students login to when they complete the course.
  • Become proficient at intelligent reporting which tells you if and where your students are struggling so you or your team can pick them up. They no longer will feel lost, overwhelmed or not good enough.
  • Support your students to learn on their time and on their dime – there are no technology restrictions and the course no longer has to be a linear process – if they want to complete the course in one weekend they can!
  • Use video and audio or whatever platform suits your students! Some people like to learn by transcripts and by written word so there’s flexibility in this system.
  • Master the art and science of gamification so your students will be able to rank and get points for their accomplishments. Put the fun back in learning and provide them with a way to measure their results against their peers. 
This Is What Just One Online Educator Had To Say About Me And My Ability To Deliver. 
There Are Case Studies And More 
Testimonials On My Website 
(Just In Case You’re Still Not Convinced!)
"I saw most of the webinar at the online course creation summit, but I didn’t see the game changing aspect of it – maybe because of all the other stuff going on or maybe because I didn’t know then what I know now. Now I can see the value and the implications of what you taught – priceless.
Having said that – this webinar is totally awesome, because:

- It taught me something I didn’t even know I didn’t know ;)
- It taught me something really important for free.
- Damn, that A+ club is such a brilliant idea! That one thing alone was worth spending the time!

This is literally the first webinar where I took the offer at the end right away. I have never done this before, I don’t buy much and if I do, I always sleep over it. Not this time this was the closest thing to a no-brainer I have ever seen."

The E-learning and Profit Mastery Course Gives You A Return On Investment (ROI) And Your Students
A Return On Education (ROE)!
There’s nothing else like it in the world. The E-Learning Engagement and Profit Mastery Course is designed to specifically meet all of your needs and it’s going to radically change online education!
You don’t want to be left behind when it happens!
It is time to wake up and take responsibility for your customers’ results. 

The responsibility for student engagement, excitement and comprehension is yours!

Once you master the step-by-step lessons in the E-learning and Profit Mastery Course, it becomes possible for you to help transform the lives of the majority of the people you touch, while making more money and having more fun doing it. 

Again the E-Learning Engagement and Profit Mastery Course that includes everything you’ve read about today is only $1397.00. $797!

In a nutshell: it will quadruple your engagement and double your profits! It will transform your offering, your customer experience, their student outcome all the while catapulting you into the new world of E-learning. 

Without the right strategies, tactics, software, systems and technology you’ll won’t be able to make the most of the boom in adult education. 

This means slowly declining engagement and an acceleration of customer churn.

So click the link below and get started right away. It’s time to move into a leadership position and lock in your status as your industry’s leading authority. As more and more of your students get the outcome they desire, watch your business and profits skyrocket without any additional effort. Their success will generate your success. 
There’s No Risk And I’m Right Here Ready To Support You If You Start To Flounder!
There is a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee for this incredible training course so it’s absolutely risk free!
Plus if you ever feel lost or need a little extra help and want me to just do it for you then that’s an option too

I’ll even refund the cost of your course if you decide this option is for you!
So Don’t Get Left Five Years 
Behind The Game!
The world of online education has changed and if you don’t change with it than you’re likely to find yourself on the destructive and expensive wheel of having to find new clients to replace your non-responsive unengaged clients. 

The client replacement business is a tough business model to sustain. 

Make this decision now or in the near future or you will be crushed by your competition. 

It’s my view that the worst failure is not living up to our own potential. Prior to meeting me, your student failures weren't your fault. However, the cats out of the bag and the smart educators are taking responsibility for the clients success. 

Your challenge isn’t your content! Your challenge is client engagement, comprehension and graduation rates. 

The choice is yours - invest in this step-by-step proven course and your business changes forever. You assure your spot as a leading authority and you put the fun back in your business. 

If you do nothing, your potential to make a big impact might just go unfulfilled - so get yourself the E-learning and Profit Mastery Course to ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

To engagement, recognition and taking action!

Mike Weiss

P.S. The order page does not lists all of the bonuses worth over $7,000 because we ran out of room!
Here Is What You Get...
If All This Did Was…

- Get you more customers… Would It Be Worth it…?
- Sell more stuff to existing customers... Would It Be Worth It?
- Sell higher priced stuff to existing customer… Would It Be Worth It?
- Lower your cost to acquire new customers... Would It Be Worth It?
- Skyrocket your profit margins...Would It Be Worth It?
- Lower your cost of goods sold… Would It Be Worth It?
- Locked You In As The Global Leader In Your Field… Would It Be Worth it…?
- Brand Your Company Globally For Free... Would It Be Worth It?
- Eliminate Your Competitors...Would It Be Worth It?

If ALL This Did Was Get You 50 More Clients?
What’s 50 Clients Worth To You?

50 new clients buying your $797 course...

How Much Would You Pay Today To Get $39,850 in NEW sales?

You Can See Why Others Are Paying Me $12,000 to $25,000 to Consult, Design, Build and Host Their E-learning & Membership Websites…

You Can See Why Digital Marketer Chose Me To Consult, Design, Build, Host and Launch Thier Digital Marketer HQ Certification Program...
Don't Take My Word For It...
My Client, Beyond Success, Got This Letter After We Worked Our Magic:

Dear Paul (Blackburn), 

Congratulations on the format for the Certification Programs. I haven’t seen anything to touch it with regard to capturing, engaging, and motivating students. 

On top of that and here’s the kicker which surprised and delighted me – you make it easy (not too complex or unwieldy) for the student to succeed.

This format seamlessly addresses the different learning styles out there. Although the greater percentage of us are probably highly visual we can’t just forget about the hearing and tactile. 

We can all be successful ‘self directed’ learners when we can take what we need from the course and progress at a pace that suits us.

I’m a great believer in “Nothing Succeeds Like Success” and this program provides that access. Immediately you’ve set up a supportive climate where students can fail and then try again. 

The progressive tests at the end of each section work really well. We all know our progress and don’t have to wait whilst the lecturer marks our work and then gets back to us. 

And best of all there is the final test which has the effect of recapping all the knowledge we’ve gained along the way. 

I was really stoked because I have been in adult educaton for 20 years and I haven’t seen too many educators put all this into practice in the classroom let alone online. Great.

Elizabeth McMurray
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E-learning Engagement 
and Profit Mastery 
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